Club in Formation - (KCMA)

Camarillo Airport (KCMA)
Camarillo, CA 930108544
Phone: 805-701-8229

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Why I'm interested in starting a club:
I love aviation and flying and getting others interested in it also. I have two GA airplanes and have been trying to get info from the community on starting a club and putting my airplanes to work. There are currently no other clubs at my airport and a very limited number of FBO's that rent out aircraft. I want to give fellow pilots an economical alternative to an FBO and give them the pride of ownership.

Description of the hangar/clubhouse facilities:
I've spoken with an FBO that used to rent out aircraft and they are open to opening up their facilities for my club. Has pilot's lounge. Restroom facilities. Pilot supplies. This is who I currently buy my fuel from.

Progress made towards starting the club:
With Craigslist and word of mouth, I currently have about 6 people that are willing to join the club. I have two airplanes, several CFI's and double II's that are willing to fly and work with my club. I believe KCMA is a good selection for a club. Currently not one near and the existing FBO's don't have the best reputation with customer satisfaction. I'm just about to download the FAA's database of pilots and do a mailing to an area that I believe would be convenient to the home base airport. Currently designing the postcard.

~ Gary Lyons

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Club Details

  • Organization Type: Not-for-Profit
  • Average Membership Size: 15
  • Average number of Aircraft: 2
  • Memberships Currently Available: Yes

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