Club in Formation - (KHRO)

Boone County Airport (KHRO)
Phone: 870-688-3057

Club Facilities


Why I'm interested in starting a club:
I am in range of HRO airport and want to get a club going as i am interested in becoming a pilot eventually and am looking to get started in flight training i am thinking of starting off with getting my own single place gyrocoptor built and eventually graduating to a Cessna 4 seat fixed wing airplane. and my goal is to be both vfr and ifr certified.

Description of the hangar/clubhouse facilities:
None at the moment but plan to buy an old ups air buss sized hangar about the size of a standard barn or small barn just guesstimates at the moment.

Progress made towards starting the club:
Been by HRO a few dozen times over the last 3 years and saw the same hangar still up for sale.

~ Douglas Street

Type of Flying Available


Club Details

  • Organization Type: Not-for-Profit
  • Average Membership Size: 50
  • Average number of Aircraft:
  • Memberships Currently Available: No

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