Central Mississippi Light Flyers, Inc.

Harrell Field Airport (MS08)
Phone: 601-829-2533

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Central Mississippi Light Flyers (CMLF) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Mississippi. As a Flying Club, our mission is to facilitate and promote the sport of Flying. We provide a suitable site for flight operations in Central Mississippi and a forum for safety education, exchange of technical information, and other cooperative activities. We strive to bring the combined influence of CMLF to bear on the public policy issues affecting sport aviation in general with particular emphisis on ultralight flying and light sport aircraft (LSA). We pursue initiatives to integrate ultralight flying into the general aviation community. We support the work and objectives of the larger Ultralight and LSA movements on the national and international levels.

Our motto is "Fly For Fun", and we try to enjoy flying together to various events throughout the year. Whether it's a fly-in, a "$100 Hamburger", or a flight to a friend's strip, the fun is in doing it together safely! We enjoy sharing ideas, maintenance problems, building projects, and recent flying experiences .

Type of Flying Available

  • Light Sport


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  • Organization Type: Not-for-Profit
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  • Memberships Currently Available: Yes

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