Flight Training Initiative

AOPA Flight Training Retention Initiative

The AOPA Flight Training Student Retention Initiative is a long-term, industry-wide effort dedicated to increasing the percentage of students who earn a pilot certificate. Facilitating a positive flight training experience will help student pilots achieve their goals while growing the pilot population and strengthening general aviation. See below for resources designed to help student pilots, instructors, and flight schools get the most out of the flight training experience.


Flight Training Experience

Research Report: The Flight Training Experience
Download the PDF (4MB).

This comprehensive study provides a deeper, more objective understanding of the flight training experience and serves as the foundation of the AOPA Flight Training Student Retention Initiative.

Please email comments or questions about the AOPA Flight Training Student Retention Initiative to [email protected].

Flight Training Field Guides

Flight Training Field Guides

For students, flight instructors, and flight training organizations

AOPA is excited to preview three innovative and exciting books about learning to fly that are packaged as field guides on flight training. Select the guide that's right for you: Student Pilot, Flight Instructor, or Flight School. Best of all, they're all FREE!

Student Pilot Guide

Instructor Guide

Flight School Guide

Flight Training Excellence Awards

The AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards, brought to you by Flight Training magazine, are designed to highlight best practices and the customer experience of successful flight schools and independent training professionals. Guided by the Flight Training Experience research, the awardees are chosen utilizing customer reviews of actual trainning experiences so the student, instructor and school is better informed.

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