Insurance needed for flying into Mexico

Insurance for Flying in Mexico

AOPA is happy to announce that, working closely with Caribbean Sky Tours, we have been able to obtain from Mexico’s DGAC (Dirección General de Aeronaútica Civíl - Civil Aviation Authority) a clarification letter in both English and Spanish that clarifies once and for all what the insurance requirements are for PRIVATE aircraft flying to Mexico.

Over the years, many companies have been selling "special Mexican liability insurance" to U.S. and Canadian pilots that they did not really need. Because of fear and the lack of clarity on this topic, some pilots purchased the special insurance thinking that they would err on the side of caution. Many pilots who bought this insurance did not realize that these policies only provided the bare minimum liability insurance required (less than US $300,000) and did not cover their hull at all. They also mistakenly believed that these policies would somehow afford them some type of special protection in the event of an incident, however, those who read the clauses (in Spanish) quickly realized that this was not the fact.

The following is the text from the English version of the letter from Mexico’s DGAC :

"In the case of a foreign, private aircraft, it is not necessary to purchase a Mexican insurance policy, it is sufficient to present upon the first landing at an international airport, the insurance policy of the country where the aircraft is registered. This insurance policy shall include Mexico within its territorial limits and the total amount of liability damages to third parties should be equal to or greater than $300,000 USD.

The pilot of the aircraft must present this insurance policy to the inspector of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to be validated upon entering the country. lt is the responsibility of the pilot of the aircraft to have this insurance policy in his possession and keep it in force during the length of stay of the aircraft in the country.

What is expressed is based on the second paragraph of Article 74 of the Mexican Civil Aviation Law."

AOPA would like to thank Lic. Hector Gonzalez Weeks, Director General of Mexico’s DGAC and his staff for their support throughout this process and for having the wisdom and foresight to produce this document so that pilots will not mistakenly believe that they will have to pay for special insurance to fly to Mexico. 

To obtain your own copy of the English and Spanish versions of the clarification letter to print and carry with you, contact the AOPA Pilot Information Center, 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672) or Caribbean Sky Tours, 786-206-6147 (U.S.); +52 998-843-5418 (Mexico).

For further insurance information regarding flight in Mexico, contact the AOPA Insurance Agency 1-800-622-AOPA (2672).