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License to Learn: Prepare to be assimilated

Pilot Magazine | Apr 06, 2016

Sometimes there’s just no going back, which is especially true about the progress of aviation’s automation technology.

License to Learn

Pilot Magazine | Mar 02, 2016

Master the rudder, master the landing

License to Learn

Pilot Magazine | Feb 03, 2016

Picking our cockpit chiefs

License to Learn: Ditch the duds

Pilot Magazine | Jan 05, 2016

Millie, who stood 4 feet, 6 inches tall, became my student after spending more than 30 flight hours (without soloing) in the clutches of a bad certificated flight instructor.

License to Learn: The games young people play

Pilot Magazine | Dec 09, 2015

“If I have a box of games with my name on it, I can win on my own without ever having to go outside. I don’t need to socialize or interact with others to win.”<

License to Learn

Pilot Magazine | Nov 03, 2015

Back from the Colorado Springs fly-in

License to Learn: Slow town

Pilot Magazine | Sep 29, 2015

“After aligning the airplane with the runway centerline, the final flap setting should be completed; in the absence of the manufacturer’s recommended airspeed, a speed equal to 1.3 VS0 should be used.”

License to Learn: I'm a fan

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2015

My experience suggests that students who join flying clubs are more likely to complete their training compared to attending traditional flight schools.

The pilot shortage

Pilot Magazine | Jul 06, 2015

When a humorist is asked about the looming pilot shortage, he proposes booster seats to solve the problem.