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Air Traffic Services -- Attachment B: User Group ChecklistAir Traffic Services -- Attachment B: User Group Checklist

Attachment B

User Group Checklist

  1. Determine appropriate membership and send out invitations.
  2. Notify the local FAA ATC facility a user group is being organized.
  3. Invite FAA to make a presentation at the first meeting.
  4. First meeting - a chairperson is selected who assigns the following tasks:
    • Taking of meeting notes
    • Representative to attend informal airspace meeting(s)
    • Representative to attend FAA public meeting(s), if held
    • Preparation of group's written comments to the NPRM
    • Preparation of group's report and recommendations to FAA
  5. As needed for subsequent meetings, invite experts, including FAA, who are not members.
  6. Ensure the final report includes:
    • Textual description and graphic of the recommended airspace
    • Accurate, complete discussion of any adverse impact of the proposed airspace
    • Results of the process to reach consensus