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South Valley Regional Airport

South Valley Regional Airport
7365 South 4450 West

West Jordan, UT

Phone: 801-561-0420
Web site:

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Contact and Business Information

General Aviation ManagerDave Teggins801-556-4082 (Cell)
Unicom frequency:122.7
ARINC frequency:
Monitoring airport CTAF: Yes
  • Sun - Sat, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Closed holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day

Credit Cards:AvCard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, UVAir, Phillips, US Bank Multiservice


Self Serve Fuel:  24 Hours

100LL (Unknown)$5.00FULL Serve01/12/18 Source:
100LL (Unknown)$5.00SELF Serve01/12/18 Source:
Jet-A (Unknown)$3.95FULL Serve01/12/18 Source:
Jet-A (Unknown)$3.95SELF Serve01/12/18 Source:

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Landing Facility Services

Facility$0.00No Fee
Handling$0.00No Fee
Hangar$75.0024 HourRobinson R22 / R44
Hangar$75.0024 HourArcher
Hangar$75.0024 HourRV-9
Hangar$75.0024 HourC206
Hangar$75.0024 HourBonanza
Hangar$75.0024 HourBell 206
Hangar$75.0024 HourCirrus SR22
Hangar$125.0024 HourBaron
Hangar$125.0024 HourSeneca
Hangar$150.0024 HourMeridian M600
Hangar$150.0024 HourNavajo
Hangar$150.0024 HourAgusta Westland AW109
Hangar$150.0024 HourEurocopter AS350
Hangar$150.0024 HourEclipse 550
Hangar$200.0024 HourMU2
Hangar$200.0024 HourTBM 900
Hangar$200.0024 HourHondajet HA420
Hangar$200.0024 HourPhenom 100
Hangar$200.0024 HourKing Air 90
Hangar$200.0024 HourCitation Mustang
Hangar$250.0024 HourHawker 400
Hangar$250.0024 HourTurbo Commander 500S
Hangar$250.0024 HourPiaggio P180 Avanti
Hangar$250.0024 HourBeech 99
Hangar$250.0024 HourSwearingen Merlin IIIC
Hangar$250.0024 HourFalcon 10
Hangar$250.0024 HourCJ1
Hangar$250.0024 HourLear 31 / 35
Hangar$300.0024 HourKing Air 200
Hangar$300.0024 HourHawker 125
Hangar$300.0024 HourCitation II
Hangar$300.0024 HourCitation 560 (V / Ultra / Encore)
Hangar$300.0024 HourCJ2
Hangar$300.0024 HourLear 60
Hangar$300.0024 HourPilatus PC-12
Hangar$350.0024 HourPhenom 300
Hangar$350.0024 HourCitation Excel
Hangar$350.0024 HourCitation 650 (III / VI / VII)
Hangar$350.0024 HourCJ3 / CJ4
Hangar$350.0024 HourLear 45 / 75
Hangar$350.0024 HourKing Air 350
Hangar$350.0024 HourHawker 850XP
Hangar$400.0024 HourFalcon 20
Hangar$400.0024 HourG100 / Astra
Hangar$400.0024 HourBeech 1900
Hangar$400.0024 HourPilatus PC-24
Hangar$450.0024 HourG200 / Galaxy
Hangar$450.0024 HourSikorski UH60 Blackhawk
Hangar$450.0024 HourFalcon 50EX
Hangar$500.0024 HourFalcon 2000
Hangar$500.0024 HourFalcon 900
Hangar$550.0024 HourCitation 680 Latitude
Hangar$550.0024 HourCitation 750 (X)
Hangar$550.0024 HourGulfstream 280
Hangar$550.0024 HourChallenger 300 / 604
Hangar$550.0024 HourCitation 680 (Sovereign)
Hangar$600.0024 HourGulfstream I
Hangar$600.0024 HourLegacy 600
Infrastructure$0.00No Fee
Landing$0.00No Fee
Lavatory$0.00Per UseService may be available in mid to late 2018 - contact FBO for details
Ramp$5.0024 HourWaived with fuel purchase
Line Services:  Water, Ground Handling, Concierge, Oxygen Bulk, Detailing, Nitrogen, Ground Deicing, Cargo, GPU, Catering, Lavatory Service, Quick-turn Service, Oxygen Bottled, Deicing Fluid
Amenities:  Coffee, Office Space, Ice, Conference Room, Refreshments & Snack Vending, Pilot Supplies, Lounge, Rest Rooms, Weather Briefing Flight Planning Kiosk, Internet, Snooze, Shower
Internet Access: Wireless, WorkstationTransportation:  Courtesy Car, Crew Car, Rental Car
Rental Agency: 

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