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Operations at Towered Airports

Flying into, out of, or near towered airports presents some unique challengesespecially if you do most of your flying to and from nontowered airfields. Are you up on your towered airport operations knowledge? Take this quiz to find out! Then learn more by taking ASF's free, interactive Runway Safety online course or read the Operations at Towered Airports Safety Advisor.

1. On a sectional chart, towered airports are depicted in ____.

2. When told to "taxi to" a specific runway, you are cleared to cross all ____ along the taxi route.

3. When trying to avoid wake turbulence, the safest bet is to avoid the area ____ larger aircraft.

4. When told to "maintain runway heading" after takeoff, you're expected to ____.

5. "Cleared for the option," when approved, is a clearance to do what?

6. After accepting a land-and-hold-short clearance, you should ____.

7. When a part-time air traffic control tower is closed, you should ____.

8. For traffic-management purposes, which of the following techniques may air traffic controllers request you perform?

9. Except in the case of an emergency, in order to land at an airport with an operating control tower, you must first receive an ATC clearance to do so.

10. When unsure about your current location or taxi route, you can get help from ATC by requesting ____.