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FAR Part 1

Does the "legalese" used in the Federal Aviation Regulations leave you scratching your head? This Sporty's Safety Quiz offers a bit of clarity by providing an overview of some key terms in FAR Part 1.

1. FAR Part 1 defines preventive maintenance as "simple or minor preservation operations and the replacement of small standard parts not involving ________."

2. A glider qualifies as an airplane because it is supported in flight by the flow of air over its wings.

3. In relation to airman certificates, "airplane" and "rotorcraft" are examples of aircraft ____.

4. You have not flown a single-engine aircraft since you got your Private pilot certificate four months ago. However, you've been working on your multiengine rating in a Piper Seminole, and have made more than three landings in the airplane in the last 90 days. May you take your friends up for a ride in a single-engine Cessna 172 today?

5. According to FAR Part 1, a "large aircraft" has a maximum takeoff weight of more than ____ pounds.

6. As you perform your before-takeoff checklist at the end of the runway, you notice that the vacuum pressure is at the low end of the acceptable range. Because you'll be flying in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), you decide to cancel the flight and taxi back to the hangar. Based on the FAR Part 1 definition, may the time you spend taxiing be logged as flight time?

7. What is the FAR Part 1 definition of night?

8. What does FAR Part 1 mean when it uses the word "shall"?

9. Which of the following is required for qualification as a light-sport aircraft (airplane single-engine land)?

10. According to FAR Part 1, when may the pilot in command (PIC) of a flight be designated as the PIC?