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2007 Nall Report

Each year, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation publishes the Joseph T. Nall Report, which analyzes the general aviation accidents from the previous year. By studying the types of accidents other pilots are having, you can assess where you need to focus your training to become a safer pilot.

1. Which type(s) of aircraft does the Nall Report analyze?

2. Compared to 2005, the overall GA accident rate improved in 2006.

3. In 2006, more accidents were caused by pilot incapacitation than by improper fuel management.

4. Approximately three-quarters of all GA accidents are the result of ____.

5. In what weather conditions are midair collisions most likely to occur?

6. According to the 2007 Nall Report, an accident is least likely to be fatal under which flight conditions?

7. Which pilot group had the smallest proportion (with regard to population) of total accidents?

8. Of the following phases of flight, which yields the highest probability of a fatal accident?

9. Considering mechanical/maintenance accidents, which of the following items was most frequently cited?

10. Which type of general aviation operation had the highest accident rate in 2006?