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How much do you know about Class A, B, C, D, E, G airspace, warning areas, alert areas, restricted areas, prohibited areas, military operations areas, military training routes, victor airways, VFR corridors, Terminal Radar Service Areas, and more? This quiz will help you find out.

1. Based on the following transmission, is the aircraft cleared into Class C airspace? "N8121K, Oklahoma City Approach, standby."

2. Which of the following is designed to accomodate VFR traffic through certain Class B airspace and is defined on VFR terminal area charts? A clearance and an ATC-assigned altitude are required.

3. What is required for a night SVFR flight?

4. Is it possible to obtain the locations and active times of special use airspace without calling a Flight Service Station?

5. What does the numbering on the military training route below imply?

6. Departures from a satellite airport in Class D require what?

7. What are the implications of CENRAP (Center Radar Arts Presentation)?

8. Does flight in TRSA airspace require radio participation for VFR flights?

9. At what altitude should flight over National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges be conducted?

10. The graphic below depicts what?