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Drivers can report traffic jams to local radio stations so motorists following them can plan for what lies ahead. The aeronautical equivalent is a pirep. How savvy are you about giving and receiving pireps?

1. Pilots flying on a VFR flight plan should give pilot reports to:

2. If you encounter severe turbulence:

3. Which of the following should not be included in an urgent pirep?

4. Precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground is:

5. Stratus clouds have low bases and may adversely affect visibility.

6. Pilots on IFR flight plans should report urgent pireps to:

7. When reporting __________, report the loss or gain in airspeed and the altitude or altitudes at which it occurred.

8. When ice becomes perceptible on the aircraft, you are encountering light icing.

9. Towering cumulus clouds

10. Pireps should be given even if the actual weather is the same as the forecast weather.