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Single-Pilot IFR

From 1983-1999, 61 single-engine daytime accidents occurred with two pilots on board, compared to 1,170 single-engine daytime accidents with one pilot. This quiz checks your knowledge of flying safely with just one pilot in IFR conditions.

1. The key to being able to handle the high workload of single-pilot IFR is to:

2. During the years 1983-1999, there were 61 single-engine day accidents involving two pilots, and _______ single-engine day accidents involving one pilot.

3. Your best source of weather updates in flight is:

4. Pilots' skills deteriorate at the same rate as their confidence.

5. "Positional awareness" means:

6. What is the most essential and important piece of the single-pilot IFR equation?

7. Which term means efficiently using tools that are available when flying?

8. Is it legal to use a nonpilot as an unofficial copilot?

9. Which of the following is useful for obtaining clearances before engine start, saving fuel when experiencing ATC ground delays, getting weather reports, and is indispensable during an electrical failure in flight:

10. When practicing IFR flying, plan for the unexpected by practicing _____________.