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Two-bladed? Three-bladed? Fixed-pitch or constant-speed? Either way, watch the pilot sweat when that big fan stops moving. There is more to propellers than one might think. This quiz can test your knowledge of the inner-workings of propellers.

1. The fixed-pitch propeller is used when low weight, simplicity, and low cost are desired and is ideal for neither climb nor cruise.

2. Constant speed propellers:

3. A feathering propeller is a constant-speed unit that can rotate the blades until they are nearly aligned with the relative wind.

4. Constant speed propellers:

5. Nicks and scratches on the propeller blade less than 1/8 inch deep are not significant enough to weaken the blade and maintenance can be deferred.

6. The best way to reposition the airplane when it is parked is to:

7. The root cause of mechanically induced accidents is almost always neglect.

8. A governor failure on either a multi- or single-engine aircraft will cause overspeed.

9. In the unfortunate event of a gear-up landing, at the first sound of the prop hitting the runway, the pilot should:

10. Propellers must be overhauled: