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Emergency Procedures

Emergency procedures are something every pilot memorizes and practices during training, but those skills are sometimes lost after the checkride is passed. Knowing and practicing emergency procedures can mean the difference between walking away from a problem and becoming a statistic. Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

1. What should your first priority be in an emergency?

2. What transponder code should be squawked in an emergency?

3. What is/are potential source(s) of help during an emergency?

4. If you encounter severe or extreme turbulence, you should reduce airspeed to at or below ____.

5. After a forced landing in a remote area, you should venture off and seek help.

6. In the event of an engine failure (assume a single-engine airplane) during the takeoff climb, the best course of action is to make a 180-degree turn back to the runway.

7. If you encounter smoke or fire in the cockpit, you should immediately ____.

8. What can you do to mitigate the risks associated with a vacuum failure?

9. When flying a VFR cross-country, how can you increase your chances of being found in the event of an off-airport landing?

10. What is your best option if an aircraft door opens at rotation?