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Night Flying

Night flight can be a welcome change of pace from your typical weekend outings. However, night flight increases the probablitiy fatalities in GA accidents. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of safe nighttime flying techniques.

1. Flight time may be logged as "night" when?

2. For a private pilot to carry passengers at night, what currency requirements must be met?

3. What are the color and location of aircraft position lights?

4. The direct responsibility for terrain avoidance lies with?

5. MEF is an acronym for?

6. A MEF is found where?

7. A good rule of thumb is to fly how far above a MEF?

8. As a VFR pilot flying in class E airspace the ceiling should be above _____feet MSL to ensure both obstacle clearance and the appropriate VFR cloud clearance below the ceiling? (Reference the image below)

mountainous terrain VFR sectional

(click on image to enlarge)

9. When flying from 6G5 to KPHD the MEF altitude is ________? (Reference the image below)

VFR sectional

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10. To allow the eyes to fully adjust, avoid bright sources of light such as headlights, landing lights, strobe lights, or flashlights 10 minutes prior to a night flight?