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Airport Lighting - IFR

When ceilings are low and visibility is poor, approach lighting can mean the difference between an uneventful landing and a missed approach. Check your knowledge of IFR airport lighting systems with the following quiz.

1. Where can you find out what kinds of approach light systems are in use at your destination airport?

2. You've determined that the intended arrival runway at your destination airport has a MALSR. This is a _____.

3. On precision instrument approach runways, approach light systems can be found _____ feet before the runway and extending up to the landing threshold.

4. Runway centerline lights change from all-white to alternating red and white when _____ feet of runway remain.

5. While taxiing to the runway, you notice a row of red in-pavement lights across the taxiway and elevated red lights on each side. These are ____.

6. In flight, you learn that the approach light system at your destination just went out of service. Where should you look to find out if there are any changes to the approach minimums?

7. An instrument approach chart lists the airport as having an ALSF-2 approach light system. What does the "SF" signify?

8. Regarding the required visual references, which of the following allows you to legally descend below the MDA on an instrument approach?

9. On an instrument approach chart or in an A/FD airport entry, which of the following indicates pilot-controlled lighting?

10. During an approach to a towered field, a pilot can request that ATC brighten or dim the approach light system.