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Pilot/Controller Glossary: VFR Operations

The Pilot/Controller Glossary was developed to help promote a common understanding of the terms used in the Air Traffic Control system. Are you and ATC on the same page when you're flying VFR? Find out by taking this quiz.

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1. Which airport advisory service is provided within 10 statute miles of airports that do not have a Flight Service Station on the field nor a control tower in operation?

2. For purposes of wake turbulence separation, ATC classifies a "small" aircraft as one with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or less.

3. Due to strong, unforecast headwinds, you need to land immediately in order to avoid a fuel exhaustion incident. Which of the following calls would best communicate your situation to ATC?

4. At a towered field, you're cleared to "taxi into position and hold" for departure. What should you do?

5. If asked by ATC to "fly runway heading" after departure, you should_____.

6. You hear ATC clear another pilot for "closed traffic on Runway 35 left." What does this mean?

7. If ATC asks you to "say fuel remaining," you should respond with the minutes of fuel aboard including your planned fuel reserve.

8. Which of the following terms refers to the distance available for landing on a particular runway when cleared for a LAHSO (Land And Hold Short Operation)?

9. When the ATIS for a towered airport indicates that "braking action advisories" are in effect, pilots should expect _____.

10. The term VFR should be used to indicate to ATC that an aircraft is operating in visual meteorological conditions.