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Runway Safety

Historically, general aviation operations account for the majority of runway incursions. To improve that record, pilots must maintain vigilance and situational awareness while operating in the airport environment. Take this quiz to learn how you can help enhance airport safety.

1. At a towered airport you receive instructions to "Taxi to Runway 35L" (the active runway). The most direct route would cause you to cross Runway 26. May you cross Runway 26 (the intersecting runway)?

2. You may begin the takeoff roll from a runway with a displaced threshold before crossing the runway threshold bar.

Displaced Threshold

3. According to the FAA Office of Runway Safety, what is a "hot spot"?

4. Which of the following factors accounts for the highest percentage of runway incursions?

5. When ATC issues a land-and-hold-short operation (LAHSO) clearance, you are obligated to accept it.

6. To improve situational awareness during ground operations, you should:

7. When you see the following sign, you should:

8. A "progressive taxi" should be requested from ATC ____.

9. According to the location sign below, which taxiway are you currently on?

10. When taxiing for takeoff you are instructed to hold short of a runway. On which side of the runway holding position marking (also referred to as the "hold short line") should you stop?