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If you're not already doing so, you might consider providing handouts to your students. No, I don't mean handing out canned food or a few quarters here and there. I'm talking about handouts of articles that you feel represent an item of importance that would help to educate your students.

I recently attended an instrument ground school taught by Jim Cummiskey at the Orange County Flight Center. Jim begins each class with a few motivational quotes, then dispenses a handout or two. That night, Jim handed out an NTSB report on the Carnahan Cessna 335 crash. The report was very instructional, especially when he took a little time to explain its importance.

I'm not recommending that you always hand out accident reports. Instead, you might make copies of FAA advisory circulars, Air Safety Foundation Safety Advisors, and so on. This will work to your benefit, especially when you quiz students about the material during the next lesson.

Don't limit yourself to aviation sources. Some of the most interesting material can be from medicine, meteorology, psychology, human factors, engineering, and other disciplines involved in flight. Mixing up the material helps keep students engaged and will also teach them respect for all the knowledge that it takes to keep an airplane - and a pilot - in the air.

So cut, paste, and photocopy. Keep a file of master handouts, while remembering to respect copyright restrictions and acknowledge sources. Soon you'll have handouts on many of the important topics that you'll cover during the course of flight training. Put your name and phone number somewhere on the handout. Everything that you hand out is marketing as well as educational material.

By Rod Machado

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