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Besides flying, what's a pilot's favorite pastime? Talking about flying, of course.What is a CFI's favorite activity when not actually instructing? Sharing successful teaching techniques with other CFIs.

Welcome to the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's newest department in the Instructor Report section: "ASF Hangar Talk." It's the printed version of those "break-through" moments that every instructor has with students. Think of it as your ASF instructor's lounge.

Each edition of "ASF Hangar Talk" will briefly discuss a topic relevant to flight instruction and then give you a chance to offer your thoughts on the subject. The best comments will be published in Instructor Report and read by more than 80,000 instructors-so make them good!

For the first edition of "ASF Hangar Talk," let's discuss the fine art of teaching landings-or, to be more specific, teaching safe landings. Here's the scenario: As your student rolls out onto final you see that he is high and fast. You don't want to jump in too soon, so you wait to see some corrective action from your student, but it never appears. The aircraft is not in any immediate danger, but you know that this speed will make the aircraft float halfway down the runway.

At what point do you insist on a go-around? At what point would you take over the aircraft? If you instruct CFI candidates-how do you teach them to make this decision?

E-mail your insights to ASF or send them to AOPA Air Safety Foundation-ASF Hangar Talk, 421 Aviation Way, Frederick, Maryland 21701.

Remember, there are more than 80,000 CFIs in this lounge. Make your insights stand out.

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