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Generating Interest In Your ClubEvents


Generating interest in your club is important, whether the club is brand new or has been around for decades. Successful clubs typically use a variety of methods.

There are a several types of events that flying clubs can host or participate in—some geared for pilots, others focused on the general public. Whether an event is for the aviation community or a broader audience, taking part can help build the club’s reputation at the airport and in the community, and create an opportunity to meet prospective members.

Events that a flying club could host for pilots and club members include:

  • Flying club interest meetings (for startup clubs)
  • Safety seminars
  • Plane washes
  • Maintenance days
  • Fly-ins

Events that could be marketed to a broader audience include:

  • An open house or family day
  • Aviation movie night
  • BBQ
  • Learn to Fly day
  • Young Eagles day (with local EAA chapter)
  • Guest speakers

Events are a great way to have some fun, build club camaraderie, and let the community experience what your club is all about. Events also provide good material for press releases and newsletters. Be sure to invite or co-host social events with other airport groups like the FBO, flight school, or other organizations like EAA chapters or Ninety-Nines chapters. If your event is open to anyone, make sure to publicize it to a broad audience. Local media, community calendars, and flyers can help.

Participate in Existing Events

Another good way to gain exposure in your community is to participate in existing events. If local airports have an airport day, fly-in, or airshow, or if there is an AOPA Regional Fly-In at an airport near you, be sure to have a booth where you can promote your club. It’s a great way to reach other pilots, as well as people who may be interested in aviation but don’t know how to get involved.

Don’t limit your participation to just aviation related events. You could have a booth at your local town or county fair, or perhaps have a float in a local holiday parade. Almost any community event can offer good opportunities to market your club.