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Generating Interest In Your Club: Virtual Media

Generating interest in your club is important, whether the club is brand new or has been around for decades. Successful clubs typically use a variety of methods.


Your website is the first place people will go to learn about the club and what it has to offer. These days, if your club doesn’t have a web presence, it doesn’t exist. One of the first things a club should do is create a web page with basic information including:

  • The club’s mission or purpose
  • Aircraft type
  • Rates
  • Membership information, including how to join, fees, buy-in costs, and dues
  • Location
  • Contact information, including phone and email

Having photos and a visually appealing website will go a long way toward attracting new members. The website also can be a place to list upcoming events and archive newsletters.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Using Facebook and Twitter not only helps the club share news with members, but these social media tools also help keep members engaged by allowing them to share their passion for flying through posts that can be seen by friends and family. Nothing attracts attention like an interesting Tweet or post with photos or an intriguing question. Social media is most effective if club members use it actively. Be sure someone in your club is responsible for keeping the conversation going in your social media channels.

Facebook and Twitter are free and easy to set up. They help connect people with common interests and provide an outlet to share information about your club without requiring you to do much work. Some clubs choose to use Facebook as a pseudo-website to meet the majority of the club’s web presence needs. A Facebook page or group can be much easier to set up than a website, but may make it harder for people to find your club.

Another option is posting YouTube videos of your flights. It’s amazing how things get passed around on the Internet or through email. Just make sure the videos you post show your club in a positive light and that you identify your club and provide a way for people to get more information.