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Rusty Pilots-Supported by gifts to the AOPA Foundation

Brenda Cowlishaw and Roscoe Stovall had been rusty pilots for eight and 30 years, respectively. Find out what happened when they attended AOPA Rusty Pilots seminars, which are free to AOPA members and presented at locations nationwide.

Through contributions from generous donors like you, more than 5,000 pilots have attended Rusty Pilots seminars around the country just this year. More than one-third of them have already taken the next step and completed their flight reviews.

Rusty Pilots seminars are designed to give lapsed pilots all the information they need to get them flying again. And the initiative is 100% funded by donations to the AOPA Foundation.

Help AOPA keep the Rusty PIlots program free for members

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Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Take home study materials to review
  • Three hours of ground school credit in your log book
  • No need for a check ride!

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