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Flyboy Frank's Dream Come True

Retired British journalist Frank Clarke recently commemorated his 88th birthday on a flight in a glider plane.  Clarke flew this past summer for the first time in almost 50 years as part of Barchester Healthcare Foundation's 'Make a dream come true' program.  He had written about The Yorkshire Gliding Club when he was a journalist.  During a visit to the club, Clarke was allowed to take a spin in the glider.  He remembers that during the flight, the pilot maneuvered the aircraft into a loop.  At that time, Clarke says, the gliders were exposed to the elements and just had leather straps to keep passengers in.  He never forgot the joy he felt during that flight and almost 50 years later was happy to be able to take another ride.  Financed by Barchester Healthcare Foundation, Clarke's latest flight occurred at the Yorkshire Gliding Club in Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire.  While there he gave the flying club a copy of his original article, written a half-century ago.

November 12, 2008

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