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U.K. Balloonist Makes a Living Flying High

In October, Andrew Holly took part in the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race in Natchez, Miss., without competing in it.  "I just want to chill out and do this for fun," he explained.  Holly came from Breadstone, England, where he has been a professional balloonist for the past 12 years.  He runs a company in Breadstone called Exclusive Ballooning, which uses balloons for aerial marketing around the world.  Holly has received upwards of 300 ballooning awards, and recently competed in Austria in the 2008 World Hot-Air Balloon Championship.  He says the Natchez race is well known internationally, especially because pilots have a chance to fly across the Mississippi River.  Holly was invited to the race by fellow balloonist Matt Torgerson.  Earlier, Torgerson had accepted an invitation from Holly to a ballooning event in England.

November 12, 2008

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