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Pilots, Locals Provide Anderson County Animal Shelter Much-Needed Lift

The Anderson County, S.C., Animal Shelter currently has 400 to 500 animals, including over twice the average amount of dogs for this time of year. As such, the shelter welcomed the aid provided on Jan. 24 by the national pet-rescue group Animal Rescue Flights and others. Animal Rescue Flights volunteer pilot Law Wright flew in 300 pounds of dog food and 75 pounds of blankets on his twin-engine Beechcraft Travelair, which is based in West Chester, Pa. He was one of two volunteer pilots to take part in the Jan. 24 effort. The second, a pilot from the Lake Norman, N.C., region, also provided several hundred pounds of food and blankets. Wright, an attorney in the Philadelphia area, explained it was his love of flying and compassion for animals that persuaded him to be among the 200 civilian pilots who in the last year have flown over 25,000 nautical miles overall transporting pets, food, and blankets to shelters and pet-adoption centers throughout the United States. "I love flying, and I love animals, who cannot always otherwise help themselves," Wright stated. Shelter adoption collaborator Michelle Shead noted that, "The response from Animal Rescue Flights and concerned citizens in and around Anderson has been completely overwhelming."

January 24, 2009

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