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Local Resident Builds Airplane

The local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association has learned that Carroll County member Jim Wharam has been building a Mustang II Experimental plane, a project he has been engaged in for six years. Wharam said he bought the blueprints and some of the material from the Mustang Corp., and has devoted "thousands" of hours fabricating pieces, measuring rivet spacing and planning the next steps. The aircraft is considered a "distance" craft, and will weigh between 1,300 and 1,600 pounds without fuel. The two-seater will have a quintet of fuel tanks when finished and be capable of flying approximately 1,100 miles with one load of fuel. The craft will boast folding wings, and Wharam said he will install a Lycoming 180 hp engine following the completion of the fuselage. "I've been doing this by myself for the most part since I began," adds Wharam. "But now I need to understand how the next steps go and that can only be done by talking with others who have done similar things." As for the reason why he was building the plane, Wharam says, "I just like doing things with my hands."

April 16, 2009

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