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Aviation brings couple closer

Dave and Sue PassmoreDave and Sue Passmore

Dave and Sue Passmore of Great Falls, Va., found a new way to enjoy quality time together—flying! Dave earned his private pilot certificate in July 2008, and Sue followed suit, earning hers in October.

Soon after becoming private pilots, the Passmores decided to challenge each other again—this time with the goal of earning instrument ratings in time for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Throughout training, the Passmores nearly always flew together, and they took turns with lessons. While one was flying, the other observed from the back seat. Sue explained, "Instrument training was by far the most challenging part of learning to fly. Learning from the back seat made it much more enjoyable. When you're not flying the airplane, you can take the time to understand why things are done in a certain way. We also had to be willing to share our mistakes, and both of us could learn from them."

Weather delays prevented the couple from earning their instrument ratings on their actual anniversary, but nonetheless, the Passmores persevered. A week later, each passed their instrument checkride on the same day.

In May 2009, the couple treated themselves to the gift of a lifetime and purchased a Diamond DA40 XLS airplane. The bonding experience of learning to fly together was just the beginning. The Passmores have already flown to Massachusetts and back to visit family, and they are eager to fill their logbooks with more memorable flights together.

November 17, 2009

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