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Park Cities Man Soars to Win at Aerobatic Flying Championships

After several years of competing in the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships, Park Cities resident Bill Denton finally won first place in the Intermediate Division this year. When he flew his aerobatic airplane home from the competition, he said he was floating on clouds--literally and figuratively. The competition involves a 1000-meter cube of airspace and a specific altitude that competitors cannot fly beyond or they are penalized, Denton says. The secret, he says, is to focus on a spot that is not moving. He likens the sport to shooting pool, where one must always position oneself for the next shot. He started flying when he was 16, when his father bought him some flying lessons for his birthday, and by 17 he had his full pilot's license. He is looking forward to competing again next year. "I know the other pilots will be gunning for me," he says. "They were laughing when they told me they've already ordered 'Kill Bill' T-shirts."

December 9, 2009

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