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Generations in the Sky

Benefits of GA in the business world

General aviation has positively affected many professional careers, and this is certainly true of the Gorman family.

In this video, Jeff Gorman, president and CEO of Gorman-Rupp, reveals that although he flies for pleasure, about 80 percent of his flight time comes from business travel. Because Mansfield Lahm Regional, his home airport in Ohio, is located close to Gorman-Rupp headquarters but more than an hour from the nearest commercial airport, Gorman says that flying his clients or potential clients into the GA airport for a tour of the plant is extremely valuable. Gorman also flies to other Gorman-Rupp plants throughout the United States, saving valuable time that would be wasted by taking the airlines.

Gayle Gorman Freeman, Jeff's sister and president of Manairco, an airport and heliport lighting company, uses general aviation to meet her clients' needs and exceed their expectations.



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