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Let's Go Flying eNewsletter - August 2011

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VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 • AUGUST 3, 2011

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Sport Pilot From Start To Finish    |    deHavilland Beaver
Everything Takes Three Times As Long As You Expect    |   AOPA Aviation Summit

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Live the Dream

Collegiate team wins weather-shortened Air Race Classic
Air Race ClassicA team from Jacksonville University won the Air Race Classic women’s long-distance competition after thunderstorms and instrument conditions over part of the course shortened the day-Visual Flight Rules (VFR)-only race by five legs. The race, scheduled to take racers on an almost 2,400-nautical-mile course starting in Iowa City, Iowa, June 21 and concluding in Mobile, Ala., June 24, started a day and a half later in Alliance, Neb., cutting the distance by almost half. Read More >>

Start Flying

Sport pilot from start to finish
Seven years after its introduction, the sport pilot certificate is gaining traction and gathering Sport Pilotconverts—the number of student starts suggest students are recognizing the category’s benefits. That’s encouraging, because it implies that a population of potential student pilots is on the sidelines, watching and calculating while seriously considering a jump into the action themselves. Read More >>

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Aircraft of the Month

deHavilland BeaverdeHavilland Beaver
Developed in the late 1940s, the deHavilland Beaver was the answer to post-World War II demands for a versatile airplane. The Beaver can be flown to meet a variety of needs–from aerial application to cargo and passenger hauling. It was designed to handle operations in remote and rugged areas and can be equipped to land on a typical, hard-surface runway, water, or even snow with tires, floats, or skis, respectively. The majority of these single-engine, high-wing airplanes are now on floats in part because they have doors located on each side, making it seaplane-pilot-friendly when docking the airplane.

Ask a Pilot

Does a student pilot certificate expire?

Answer: Your student pilot certificate expiration date depends on whether or not it was issued as part of your aviation medical certificate. If you hold a combination aviation medical and student pilot certificate, the student pilot certificate is valid for the duration of your third class medical—60 months for student pilots who were under age 40 on the date of issuance, and 24 months for those age 40 or older. If you are seeking a sport pilot certificate, the student pilot certificate is valid for 60 months regardless of your age.

Not sure what a student pilot certificate is or why you’d need one? Read Ask a Pilot from the July edition of the Let’s Go Flying e-newsletter to learn more.

Do you have a question about flying? Ask a pilot! Call 800/872-2672 or send an e-mail.

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In the Blogs

Here is a recent post from our Let's Go Flying blogs.

Everything takes three times as long as you expect
By Arty Trost
I had all these good intentions – to blog weekly about my upcoming flight to Oshkosh. And to get started on my “To-Do” list that HAS to be done so that I can leave on Tuesday, July 19. So what happened? The weather turned into real flying weather, and I’m getting distracted! I go to the airport to fly “just for 30 minutes” and I can hear Norm chuckling. When I see him three or four hours later, he never says “I thought you were only going to fly for half an hour.” Maybe that’s why we’re still married after all these years – he knows when to stay silent! In my last post I wrote about gunk in my fuel filter, and deciding to get a new gas tank to replace the fiberglass one that appeared to be disintegrating. Boy am I glad I did! Read more >>

Aviation Calendar of Events

Airports all across the United States offer weekend activities, from pancake breakfasts and barbecues to car and air shows. Find out what's going on in your area. You can search by city, state, or geographic region.

AOPA flight training scholarship applications due Aug. 19
If you’d like to be considered for a $5,000 flight training scholarship, be sure to submit your online application (and ask two people to complete the online recommendation form on your behalf) by the Aug. 19 deadline. The scholarships will be awarded to two student pilots pursuing a sport, recreational, or private pilot certificate. The scholarship winners will be announced at the AOPA Aviation Summit in Hartford, Conn., Sept. 22 through 24. Read more >>

AOPA Aviation Summit 2011
Be a part of aviation-themed action for all ages and levels of aviation enthusiasm. No matter if you're a student pilot, have had your pilot certificate for decades, or still have your feet firmly planted on the ground but have always kept an eye high in the sky, there is plenty to see and do at AOPA Aviation Summit you can't afford to miss—Airportfest, educational seminars, a 400-booth exhibit hall, and evening social events. AOPA Aviation Summit will be held in Hartford, Conn., from Sept. 22 through 24. For more information, visit the Summit website.

Pilots love to take photos, and they love to share them with other pilots. Now you can upload your flying photos to our online gallery, “Air Mail.” Share your special aviation images, or view and rate more than 7,000 photos (and growing). Photos are put into rotation on the AOPA home page!

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