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Save money on aircraft rentals

By Jennefer Price

Rental airplaneAlthough your instructor will guide you on which type of aircraft you should use for your training, the cost of your aircraft rental will be part of your responsibility as a student pilot. You may find it helpful to search for aircraft rentals online. Two Web sites—RentPlanes.com and ArcherBravo.com—offer free, searchable databases that can assist you in finding rental aircraft that meet your needs.

CEO Matt Walsh developed RentPlanes.com after moving to a new city and spending three days trying to locate a twinengine aircraft. The site helps recreational pilots, student pilots, and pilots on vacation find aircraft rentals by location and type of aircraft.

ArcherBravo.com was created by Chris Archer, a pilot who realized during his training that there were few resources available for finding specific types of aircraft. At ArcherBravo.com, you can search for rental aircraft by type, brand, location, price and other options.

Prices for rental aircraft are usually listed as “wet” or “dry.” A wet rental means that the price includes fuel whereas a dry rental does not include fuel.

After your introductory flight lesson, feel free to ask your instructor which type of aircraft you should rent for training. He or she may also be your greatest resource for suggestions on where to rent your aircraft.

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