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Importance of training

It is often said that a good pilot is always learning. That statement is generally taken as fact, because learning occurs on every flight you take and even from listening to and reading about the experiences of other pilots.

Many pilots voluntarily participate in seminars, online educational programs, and flight instruction to stay proficient, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates recurrent training. Every pilot must receive a flight review—one hour of flight instruction and one hour of ground instruction from a certificated flight instructor—at least every two years. In addition, flight instructors must participate in training every two years to renew their flight instructor certificates.

Another way for pilots to complete their required recurrency training is by participating in the FAA Wings program. It’s a way for pilots to maintain an ongoing personal program of recurrency, and completing a phase of the Wings program counts as a flight review. Each phase consists of flight and ground instruction. Ask your flight instructor to explain the requirements to you if you’re interested in participating in Wings.

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