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PS Engineering unveils ‘ultimate’ audio panelPS Engineering unveils ‘ultimate’ audio panel

PS Engineering has introduced a new expanded-capability audio panel that features two independent Bluetooth inputs to enhance the utility of connected devices in the cockpit.

PMA450B model. Image courtesy of PS Engineering.

The PMA450B is “the ultimate general aviation audio panel” with components that come together to offer a “multi-talented system,” the Lenoir City, Tennessee-based maker of GA audio control systems and intercoms said in an announcement.

The second Bluetooth module is the key to the unit’s capability, serving as an additional music input or to stream audio to another device such as a Bluetooth-enabled video camera.

“With our crisp OLED display and menu selections, it doesn’t matter how much capability and performance we stuff into this box, it can all be accessed and manipulated in a minimum of key strokes,” said PS Engineering Vice President Gary Picou.

The PMA50B includes a marker beacon, and lists for $2,595. Other components of its “skill set” include a flightmate audio alert system;  IntelliAudio true dimensional sound; a count-down/count-up timer; wireless and hard-wired phone interface; caller ID and device battery level; receiver monitor mode; Music 1, Music 2, BT1, BT2 independent music selection for pilot, co-pilot and passengers; 15-watt USB-c charger; independent music muting selection and volume controls for pilot, co-pilot, and passengers; and an “alternate intercom crew friendly mode.”

“When we introduced the PS Streamer Module in 2016, we added audio output capability for video and audio recording,” said Mark Scheuer, PS Engineering’s founder and CEO. “Now we’ve added additional capability with a second Bluetooth input, which provides more utility for the connected devices that are omnipresent in the cockpit, like Electronic Flight Bags that provide important audio alerts. With the PMA450B, you can have your phone, your ForeFlight, and your music too.”

Shipments of the PMA450B were expected to begin in mid-April, the announcement said.

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