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Delta donates $350K to maintenance training programsDelta donates $350K to maintenance training programs

Major airline assists nine aviation institutionsMajor airline assists nine aviation institutions

Delta Air Lines is paying it forward to ensure there will be a pool of maintenance technicians to service the Atlanta-based airline’s fleet of commercial jets. 

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 lands at Atlanta. The airline is investing in education for mechanics to ensure its fleet can be maintained well into the future. Photo courtesy of Delta.

The airline’s foundation awarded nine grants totaling $350,000 to enhance maintenance training, support, and awareness, the airline noted on its website Aug. 1.

The airline is boosting resources close to its Georgia home with $50,000 grants to five of the state’s colleges: Augusta Technical College, Central Georgia Technical College, Georgia Northwestern Technical College, Savannah Technical College, and South Georgia Technical College.

Four other schools in the United States were selected for $25,000 grants based on “a variety of factors such as student population and promotion of diversity and inclusion.” Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, New York’s Aviation High School, Washington’s South Seattle College, and California’s San Diego Miramar College were tapped for inclusion in the program to bolster maintenance training and resources.

San Diego Miramar College has placed several aviation maintenance students into Delta’s internship program since their affiliation began three years ago. The school is one of 38 in the country chosen to “assist the air carrier in providing qualified aircraft maintenance technicians,” the school previously reported.

David Tulis

David Tulis

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