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Trig Avionics previews 2019 releasesTrig Avionics previews 2019 releases

During EAA AirVenture, Trig Avionics is giving the public its first look at its TX56 and TX57 nav/comm radios that will be available for purchase next year through the company’s approved dealer network.

Image courtesy of Trig Avionics

The TX56 family of products will be available with 8.33-kHz channel spacing or conventional 25-kHz spacing, with 10-watt or 16-watt transmitting power. The 33-millimeter-high TX56’s case “will save valuable stack space and requires no cooling fans—consistent with Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy,” the company said in a news release.

“For many aircraft owners the Nav/Com remains a vital piece of equipment,” said Trig CEO Andy Davis. “We are pleased to preview the TX56—it will make access to certified nav information widely available and will complete the Trig stack, when it becomes available in early 2019.”

The TX56 has a high-resolution display with a single-button display "sweep" function to shift the display emphasis from com to nav status. The nav automatically loads the identifier for the selected VOR, and over 200 frequencies and identifiers can be saved into the nav database. The dependable TX56 has the capability to provide a fix to a second VOR, improving navigational accuracy. It has full support for ILS approaches, and a back button that allows the pilot to select and fly a back course.

A built-in digital course deviation indicator "provides a practical option, when an external CDI is not available," the company said.

The TX56 comes standard with a built-in VOR/LOC converter, "making it configurable with a wide range of cockpit instruments." As a natural accessory Trig will introduce a new CDI that will be available as a three-inch unit with LED lighting, called the TI106.

The TX56 will enable VHF voice communications on 8.33- and 25-kHz channel spacing. A Push Step feature provides faster tuning, and the radio’s Dual Watch feature allows monitoring of two frequencies at once. The popular Say Again feature allows the replay of the last received transmission, and a fully customizable frequency database can be created and loaded in seconds via the front panel USB port. “These features make the Trig VHF Com radio the clear choice for training fleets,” the company said.

The higher powered 16-watt TX57 and TX57A (760 channel version) will become available for high-performance aircraft in which a 28-volt supply is used.

Trig Avionics said the TX56 family will represent a practical retrofit for legacy units, and is compatible with existing BK, Garmin, and Apollo indicators.

Trig sells compatible TMA44 and TMA45 audio panels, both fully equipped to support nav and com features.

Trig will announce firm dates when the TX56 product family can be ordered in the fall. For more information visit the Trig Avionics website.

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