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North Carolina tower goes liveNorth Carolina tower goes live

Airspace change not charted until JanuaryAirspace change not charted until January

A new control tower at Albert J. Ellis Airport in North Carolina is in service, though uncharted until January.

The Class E surface area around Albert J. Ellis Airport (OAJ) in North Carolina, depicted on current sectional charts, became Class D on Nov. 8 after the new control tower was put in service, though the chart changes will not be reflected until January.

The new tower, which came online Nov. 1, brings with it an airspace change to Class D ahead of the next sectional chart update in January. AOPA requested a delay making the various changes (including radio frequencies) to coincide with the chart cycle, however the FAA opted to proceed.

AOPA is working with the FAA to make pilots aware of the changes, and a chart correction notam is forthcoming that will denote the airspace change. Pilots transiting the area should be aware that the tower is operational, the airspace is Class D, and radio frequencies have changed. The tower’s activation also missed the cutoff dates to be noted immediately in the bulletin section of the chart supplement.

The Class E surface area depicted on current charts has become Class D airspace. The AOPA Airport Directory listing for the airport will also be updated to reflect the tower’s arrival once the FAA publications and databases are updated. Pilots should check notams for current information; the tower frequency is 132.65 MHz, and ground control frequency is 125.40 MHz. The common traffic advisory frequency, used when the tower is closed, was also updated to 132.65 MHz.

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