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King Schools offers Part 107 recurrent courseKing Schools offers Part 107 recurrent course

As the first remote pilots certified under Part 107, which took effect in August 2016, begin to take recurrent tests to maintain certification for two more years, King Schools has rolled out a training course to prepare for that test.

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The FAA requires Part 107 pilots who are not certificated under Part 61 to take a recurrent knowledge test, a 40-question version of the 60-question initial certification exam. (Part 61 pilots, other than student pilots, with a current flight review can opt for a free, online test available through the FAA Safety Team website. The FAA website has details on both routes to drone flying currency.)

Remote pilots preparing for the $150 knowledge test (the same fee applies to both initial and recurrent exams) can purchase the King Schools Drone Pilot Recurrent Test Prep Course for $59 online, and it comes with lifetime access. The recurrent training course is shorter, and focused on the topics included in the recurrent test. King Schools began offering a course to prepare students for the initial remote pilot certification exam in 2017, and AOPA members can purchase that course at a discount, one of several discounts and benefits offered to AOPA members who fly unmanned aircraft.

Martha and John King have rolled out a training course for remote pilots preparing for the recurrent FAA exam required every two years. Image courtesy of King Schools.

John and Martha King, the founders and co-chairmen of King Schools, noted in their news release that more than 4,000 remote pilots have passed their initial exam after taking the initial training course, and it has received positive reviews from nearly all.

“We have more than 400 reviews for this course and almost all of them have a 5-star rating,” John King said in the Sept. 10 news release. “Our customers enjoy the HD-video in the regulations lesson, the interactive FAA-style questions, and the extended content throughout the course. Our recertification course continues that same style.”

King Schools has become one the most recognized names in aviation training during its more than 40 years of offering a range of products and courses to prepare students for all types of aviation certification.

Jim Moore

Jim Moore

Editor-Web Jim Moore joined AOPA in 2011 and is an instrument-rated private pilot, as well as a certificated remote pilot, who enjoys competition aerobatics and flying drones.
Topics: Unmanned Aircraft, Safety and Education

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