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Lessons learned from the traffic patternLessons learned from the traffic pattern

The AOPA Air Safety Institute's new Accident Case Study: Traffic Pattern Tragedy details the plight of a Cirrus SR20 landing at William P. Hobby airport in Houston. A series of miscommunications in the traffic pattern, three go-arounds, and ultimately a departure from controlled flight resulted in a fatal crash in the vicinity of the airport.

“These studies are an opportunity for pilots to gain valuable insight into the full extent of the situation to help understand the different options and different outcomes,” said AOPA Air Safety Institute Executive Director Richard McSpadden. “They get the experience to encounter without the risk of being in harm’s way.”

Each Accident Case Study video uses actual radio communications recordings and on-scene videos combined with animation developed by technical experts to explain the dynamics of the situation and track the accident chain of events.

In the video, Air Safety Institute experts analyze the circumstances of the crash, and discuss how to recognize and avoid the mistakes that led to this tragic accident.

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