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25 things to do in Tullahoma25 things to do in Tullahoma

Join us Sept. 13 and 14 in Tullahoma, Tennessee, for the last AOPA Fly-In of 2019 and stick around to enjoy all the area has to offer. Here are 25 things to do in and around Tullahoma.

The 2019 AOPA Tullahoma Fly-In features a myriad of things to do in the local area including visiting the Beechcraft Heritage Museum to take in the history and chat (or shake paws) with the friendly staff. Photo by Chris Rose.
  1. Meet Dottie the dog—the official new greeter at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.
  2. Have a true Southern dining experience at Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House.
  3. See Louise Thaden’s pilot’s license, signed by Orville Wright.
  4. Drive to the holler and enjoy the George Dickel Distillery.
  5. Eat like a local: Order the “local flavor” (foods with a hint of Jack Daniel’s).
  6. Tour A-Ro, aka The Base, or Arnold Air Force Base.
  7. See the first Staggerwing ever made, serial number 1.
  8. Tour the University of Tennessee Space Institute where nine alumni are astronauts.
  9. Sample some Water’s Edge chocolate.
  10. See the new Mach 4 wind tunnel at the Tennessee Aerothermodynamic Laboratory.
  11. Grab a canoe on one of three beautiful lakes: Normandy, Tims Ford, and Woods Reservoir.
  12. Enjoy homegrown products from businesses such as the Ole Shed Brewing Co. and Tennessee Tanning Co.
  13. Try some barbecue (and cake) at Piggy’s Place.
  14. Tour the Mitchell Museum and Confederate cemetery.
  15. Take the Civil War self-driving tour.
  16. Buy The Barnstormer and the Lady at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum gift shop.
  17. Chase waterfalls at the area’s beautiful parks.
  18. Learn how whiskey is made at the Jack Daniel's Distillery.
  19. See the Swift Museum in Athens.
  20. See the 1929 Travel Air Mystery Ship.
  21. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane: Skydive at Skydive Tennessee.
  22. Take a road trip to “The Big City”: Nashville is just 45 miles away.
  23. See the Model 2000 Beech Starship.
  24. Sit on a rocking chair and sip whiskey—it doesn’t get any better.
  25. Visit the Olive Ann Beech chapel inside the log cabins at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.
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