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Created by Cruiser Aircraft

Sleek. Feature-Driven. Cost Effective.Sleek. Feature-Driven. Cost Effective.

We’re sure you’ve heard it plenty of times: “Light sport airplanes don’t belong at flight schools.” Reality has however proven the contrary. Light sport airplanes continue to grow in popularity and fill up flight lines at flight schools all over the country. Their success continues to be driven by many factors, not least of which include better economics and efficiency. But to help understand in better detail why light sport airplanes continue to grow in popularity we dug a little deeper.

Cruiser Aircraft is the importer of one of the most popular and successful light sport airplanes, the SportCruiser. You probably know the name because the SportCruiser has done more to define the LSA market than any other airplane.

A few weeks back we checked in with one of Cruiser Aircraft’s long-term partners, FLT Academy in Utah, formerly Bountiful Flight. We were there to find out more about how the SportCruiser has helped their business soar to unprecedented levels for a flight school as young as theirs.

As a top-rated pilot academy, four locations across Utah and California, FLT Academy takes the quality and reliability of its training aircraft extremely seriously. Founded in 2012, the school is committed to giving students the best instruction at the best price. Their training programs associated with SkyWest Airlines are among the most competitive programs in the country. It’s no wonder that FLT Academy demands nothing less than the best from their training aircraft.

The SportCruiser has made up the majority of FLT Academy’s training fleet for three years. With 28 SportCruisers currently in operation, FLT Academy considers the SportCruiser the ideal aircraft for both basic and advanced flight training due to its very low operational costs, easy maintenance, solid and reliable structure, as well as a modern cockpit.

FLT Academy uses the SportCruiser extensively for private, instrument, commercial, and CFI training. “We were initially attracted to the SportCruiser to increase both safety and revenue,” Jason Clark, owner of FLT Academy says. “The SportCruiser ticks all the right boxes in terms of allowing us to have brand new airplanes that boost income while increasing the impressive safety record of our school.”

FLT Academy’s faith in the aircraft soon paid off. The SportCruiser helped the school increase cash flow, which has enabled its fleet expansion to the current 40 aircraft, complemented by a team of over 50 professional instructors.

“Aside from the positive impact on revenue, the main benefit of the SportCruiser is without a doubt the increased safety, which has substantially decreased downtime and maintenance. It has also helped us to attract new students, particularly from the millennial generation.”

At present, FLT Academy flies their SportCruisers approximately 3,000 hours a month. Here’s an interesting fact we learned about FLT Academy and their SportCruisers - they fly the equivalent of 14 trips to the moon every year in a SportCruiser! It’s really no wonder the use of light sport airplanes, especially the SportCruiser, has continued to grow. They are doing a superb job helping our training system provide reliable, safe, and inexpensive aircraft to our next generation of pilots. One last thing… if you’ve not flown one, you owe it to yourself to fly one, you’ll love it.

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