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FlightAware releases operational insight for bizav operators, partners with FlightBridgeFlightAware releases operational insight for bizav operators, partners with FlightBridge

FlightAware released new FlightAware Global features for business aviation operators that promise greater operational efficiency during the National Business Aviation Association's convention October 21.

Customers using the FlightAware Global product can now benefit from an interactive schedule visualization tool driven by FlightAware’s Ready To Taxi surface tracking data. Additionally, FlightAware Global now includes real-time active and actual runway usage information enabled by its terrestrial ADS-B tracking network.

"Users of FlightAware Global can quickly and easily modify departure times based on passenger schedule changes and immediately see the cascading effects on their scheduled operations, including estimated taxi times specific to each airport and time of day based on FlightAware’s Ready to Taxi surface movement network," the company said. "Operators using FlightAware Global can now quickly see an entire day’s schedule at [a] glance with potential conflicts automatically identified. FlightAware dynamically determines 'quick turns' and overlapping flights based on FlightAware’s global data coverage.

FlightAware dynamically determines quick turns and overlapping flights based on its global data coverage. Image courtesy of FlightAware.

"Users will continue to benefit from FlightAware’s relationship with over 1,000 FBOs around the world by directly notifying FBOs of their scheduled arrival from the FlightAware interface. FlightAware provides secure private tracking to authorized FBOs including the industry’s most accurate estimated arrival times," FlightAware said.

In related news, FlightAware and FlightBridge announced seamless integration between their respective products for business aviation operators and FBOs. "Users of FlightAware Global and FlightAware FBO Toolbox can now receive scheduled flight and FBO information directly from FlightBridge before a flight plan is even filed, enabling more proactive tracking by both the operator and FBO without requiring FBO selection or data entry on FlightAware," the companies said. "The partnership will enhance service to aircraft operators by better connecting them" with their FBOs.

Subscribers to both FlightAware Global and FlightBridge can now unlock additional features when the aircraft operator has opted in by enabling the two-way integration in the FlightBridge application. Image courtesy of FlightAware.

"FlightBridge provides fully customizable Flight Following Dashboards that enable aircraft operators to track any event important to their operation. The Flight Following display is a color-coded, labeled status board that satisfies position reporting requirements for all flights and provides updates with a quick glance," the companies said. "Business aviation operators and FBOs using FlightBridge can now benefit from FlightAware’s real-time flight tracking status information including Ready To Taxi surface events such as powered-on, taxied-out, and parked times. These features are available to customers of both products when the aircraft operator has opted-in by enabling the two-way integration in the FlightBridge application."

"FBOs that subscribe to FlightBridge to manage their schedule will now have real-time updates of arrival times on their FlightBridge schedule. This integration provides the more efficient experience of seeing information from both platforms in a single display. Additionally, FlightAware FBO Toolbox users will now see scheduled flights from FlightBridge before a flight plan is even filed and know if the aircraft will be arriving at their FBO," the companies said.

“Neither company really cares what interface you’re using, how you’re using it or how the workflow works best for the flight department or the FBO, we just want to partner in a way that makes it easier for mission success for FBOs and for flight departments,” said Daniel Baker, CEO of FlightAware.

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Kollin Stagnito

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Vice President of Publications/Editor Kollin Stagnito is a commercial pilot, advanced and instrument ground instructor and a certificated remote pilot. He owns a 1947 Cessna 140.
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