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Sonex goes high with new model's wing

Kitplane manufacturer Sonex Aircraft announced new high-wing designs that it plans to display at EAA AirVenture in 2023, when it will begin booking orders for the aircraft.

Image courtesy of Sonex.

The models of the Sonex Aircraft High Wings line will be available with a conventional tail or the signature Y-tail of Sonex’s current line of low-wing aircraft, and will be capable of operating from short grass strips. However, the Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based manufacturer emphasized in an August 23 news release that “winning a STOL competition or flying off a gravel bar is not the intended mission of the aircraft—so many other aircraft already fill that bill quite well.”

“Instead, we wanted to bring expanded utility and ease of pilot access to the existing Sonex mission of fun everyday local flying, aerobatics and fuel-efficient [and] fast long cross-countries to the high wing world,” Sonex said. “All that being said, if you ever wanted to put floats, skis or big tires on a Sonex, have at it with our new high wing!”

Sonex touted a blend of the new model’s similarities to and differences from its existing fleet of Sonex and Waiex airplanes and the Xenos motorglider as enticements for pilots to embrace the brand.

The two-place aircraft with side-by-side seating will be roomier and have more headroom than its forerunners.

The Sonex High Wing was designed for engines of 100 horsepower or greater with a maximum firewall-forward installation weight of 200 pounds and can use the AeroVee, Jabiru, UL Power, and Rotax engines that power other Sonex airplanes.

The new aircraft will feature the standard Sonex Aircraft B-Models’ 20-gallon fuel cell and offer an option for 10 gallons of auxiliary fuel in the inboard wings, transferrable to the main tank by gravity feed.

The 1,320-pound maximum gross weight (when flown to utility category load factors) exceeds the Sonex-B’s limit by 220 pounds or 170 pounds, depending on which engine was installed on the B-model.

Baggage capacity will increase by 60 pounds; when flown solo at or under 1,050 pounds gross weight, the aircraft will be able to be operated to aerobatic load factor limits of 6 positive and 3 negative Gs, Sonex said.

The trailer-transportable aircraft “is designed to check all the boxes for Sport Pilot” while offering “maximum useful load, aerobatic capability and cruise speeds,” Sonex said.

Meanwhile, Sonex is sticking to plans announced in 2019 to debut its two-place jet at EAA AirVenture in 2022, doubling up the seating and serving as a trainer for its single-place JSX-2 personal kitbuilt jet.

For more information visit the Sonex Aircraft website.

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