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Class C comes to Harrisburg

Pennsylvania airspace change terminates class D, TRSA

The FAA published a May 31 Letter to Airmen (LTA) notifying the flying public that the airspace designation surrounding Harrisburg International Airport in Pennsylvania will soon change to Class C.

FAA graphic.

Effective July 11, the announcement terminates the existing Class D airspace, along with the terminal radar service area (TRSA), and redesignates the airspace surrounding the Harrisburg airport as Class C.

Under the new rules, communication requirements and weather minimums will change, with Class C requiring all IFR and VFR traffic to maintain two-way communications with air traffic control. The LTA specifies that services will include “sequencing of all aircraft to the primary airport, MDT;” “standard IFR services to IFR aircraft;” “separation, traffic advisories and safety alerts between IFR and VFR aircraft;” and “mandatory traffic advisories and safety alerts between VFR aircraft.”

This change is years in the making, as the airspace modification process is an involved effort necessitating thorough review. Part of the process is the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee composed of aviation stakeholders, local pilots and flight schools, and others who might have a vested interest in the change. This committee is tasked with crafting recommendations to the FAA, which is, in turn, responsible for taking them into consideration.

“AOPA is very pleased with how FAA worked with the local pilot community on this modification effort and with the degree to which it responded to the recommendations from the Ad Hoc Committee,” said AOPA Director of Airspace, Air Traffic, and Security Jim McClay. “We feel the new airspace structure strikes a good balance of meeting the needs of the ATC facility with protecting the needs of the GA community.”

AOPA encourages all pilots flying in and around Harrisburg to remain vigilant in flight planning as the airspace is redesignated. Find more information from the FAA here.

Lillian Geil
Communications Specialist
Communications Specialist Lillian Geil is a student pilot and a graduate of Columbia University who joined AOPA in 2021.

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