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AOPA Live Stream Webinars

AOPA regularly hosts webinars on a wide variety of aviation-related topics. Browse the selections below to access topics from aircraft purchasing and ownership, medical topics, international flying and more. In 2017, AOPA began using live streaming technology through YouTube to improve audio and provide expanded technological capabilities, such as seeing the live presenters, skyping with invited experts, and viewing video snippets as well as slides. You can view these presentations on mobile devices as well as desktop/laptop computers. AOPA strives to provide high quality presentations and welcomes feedback on this new webinar series so we can deliver the best possible content to our members and viewers.


ASI Webinar – The Mental Game: Managing Stress in and out of the Cockpit Dr. Penny Levin, Clinical Psychologist, CFI – 4/30/2020

Under the best of circumstances, many of us often say we are “stressed” – whether in life or in our flying.  This Webinar will help you think about stress in a way that generates solutions rather than symptoms, both during the pandemic and when we recover.  Join Dr. Penny Levin, Clinical Psychologist and CFI, as she offers specific strategies for a more stress-free adjustment to life as it is right now, and ways to keep your head in the game till you return to more normal flying levels.

Don’t Get Rusty: Say What? How to Speak with Confidence and Impress Your Friends by Sounding Like a Pro on the Radio – 4/30/2020

Talking on the radio is one of the biggest inhibitions in aviation, and it doesn’t need to be. Learn tips and tricks to make your communications silky smooth. The AOPA You Can Fly Flight Training team will be joined by Keith Smith, CEO of pilotedge, a simulated ATC environment that helps pilots sharpen their communications skills.

Don’t Get Rusty: Even if You Can’t Fly, You Can Simulate. Why Home Flight Simulation is Fantastic for Skills and Proficiency – 4/23/2020

If you’re not using PC simulators for learning skills and maintaining proficiency, you’re missing a great opportunity. Join the AOPA You Can Fly Flight Training team and guest Keith Smith, CEO of pilotedge, to learn what home simulation does well and what kind of hardware and software you need to get the most out of it.

Don’t Get Rusty: Don’t Forget the Fundamentals. Four Things to Remember When You’re Back in the Cockpit – 4/16/2020

The best advice in aviation is to aviate, navigate, communicate. In this webinar, the flight training team at AOPA’s You Can Fly initiative focuses on how to aviate; identifying the four fundamentals any pilot can use to refine their flying, especially after being away from the cockpit for a while. Join us as we mix science, fun, and a bit of common sense to enjoy some flying even if you can’t get in an airplane.

AOPA COVID-19 Flight School Support Webinar – 4/09/2020

How should your school be responding to the COVID-19 crisis? As flight schools and other businesses across the country face unprecedented disruption, more uncertainties arise each day. Should I stay open? What should I do about my employees? How do I maintain contact with my students? What assistance is available? What steps should I take to preserve and restore my business? Join AOPA and connect with other schools on a fast-paced survey of the options available to you. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • The considerations around suspending operations
  • Options and resources for your employees
  • Continuing to serve your students while the office is closed
  • Financial relief programs
  • Preserving and restoring your business


Equip 2020: What’s Next for ADS-B after January 1, 2020

How will the FAA’s approaching Jan. 2, 2020, ADS-B Out mandate affect pilots flying aircraft not equipped with ADS-B? Join AOPA Technical Editor Mike Collins, AOPA Senior Director of Airspace and Air Traffic Rune Duke, FAA Deputy Director of Surveillance Services David Gray, and FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist Kerri Strnad of the Air Traffic Procedures office for a live online webinar, “Equip 2020: What’s Next for ADS-B after January 1, 2020,” beginning at 6 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

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LIVE from AOPA! ADS-B Equip Me Chat

A live conversation on the INs and OUTs of ADS-B. Experts from the FAA and AOPA are ready to answer all your questions about general aviation avionics, equipping, the deadline, rebates and more.  

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Previously recorded on March 27th

New Pilot? Learn about FAA airman medical certification

Are you excited about learning to fly? Congratulations on taking this step to find out what is required! Join AOPA for this webinar explaining what's involved in obtaining your first airman medical certificate. Gary Crump, Director of Medical Certification, and Ferdi Mack, Senior Manager Pilot Information Center will give an overview of the process for pilots and discuss the FAA regulations on documentation, health condition, medications, and more.

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Previously recorded on March 6th

AOPA’s High School Initiatives and Scholarships

Have you been searching for a way to inspire the next generation of pilots? You don't have to be a teacher or a flight instructor, just an enthusiastic pilot who wants to encourage young aviators in your community. Would you like to learn more about AOPA’s new high school aviation STEM curriculum that is offered to high schools? Hear the latest on the wide range of resources AOPA offers to enhance high school programs and engage their students, including flight training scholarships and free aviation STEM curriculum. Join AOPA’s Cindy Hasselbring and Ferdi Mack to learn how to get involved.

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November 14: 8 pm

ADS-B: Myths, Rebates, and Equipage Strategies

The deadline to equip with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out is one short year away. Beginning Jan. 2, 2020, aircraft flying in airspace where a transponder is now required must have ADS-B Out equipment installed. AOPA’s Mike Collins and Rune Duke will dispel some ADS-B myths, tell you how to claim a $500 FAA rebate, and share a framework to help you make the best choice for your aircraft.

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May 2: 8 pm Eastern Time

Real-World Instrument Flying

Join Tom Haines, Editor in Chief, AOPA Pilot and Luz Beattie, Director, AOPA Flight Operations, for a discussion on instrument flying. They will share some insights and wisdom learned from many hours of flying in the soup, as well as thoughts on filing instrument flight plans when it's VFR.


April 25: 8 pm Eastern Time

Fun Flying Series, Session 3: Formation Flying

Dave Hirschman, AOPA Pilot editor at large, and Mike Filucci, vice president, Pilot Information Center and Flight Operations, are both experienced in flying formation flights. Whether you already fly formation or are just curious about it, you won’t want to miss them discuss the thrill, techniques, and challenges of precision flying. Moderator Ferdi Mack, senior manager AOPA Pilot Information Center will facilitate questions and answers.

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March 20: 8 pm Eastern Time

Fun Flying Series, Session 2: Three Routes to Alaska

Dave Hirschman, AOPA Pilot editor at large, and Tom George, AOPA Regional Manager, Alaska, will discuss the challenges, pros, and cons of each of the three most commonly flown routes from the lower 48 to Alaska – the Coast, the Trench, and the Highway. If you are considering a flight North, you won’t want to miss this. Moderator Ferdi Mack, senior manager AOPA Pilot Information Center will facilitate questions and answers.


February 27: 8 pm Eastern Time

Fun Flying Series, Session 1: Tailwheel Flying

Join Dave Hirschman, AOPA Pilot editor at large, and Alyssa Cobb, eMedia managing editor for the first of this three-part fun flying series. Both Dave and Alyssa are tailwheel aircraft owners and enthusiasts and will share flying experiences and safety tips that have made their flying adventures even better. Moderator Ferdi Mack, senior manager AOPA Pilot Information Center will facilitate questions and answers.


February 13: 8 pm Eastern Time

Income Taxes for Aircraft Owners

Income tax time is right around the corner. Listen as Ray Speciale, Esq., CPA, CFII, and Chad Mayer, AOPA Legal Services Plan Attorney, discuss some of the more frequently asked income tax questions relating to aircraft expenses, flight training/proficiency expenses, aircraft leasing, and aircraft sales.


January 31: 8 pm Eastern Time 

FBO Fees, Airport Access, & Recent FAA Guidance

Please join AOPA President & CEO Mark Baker; General Counsel, Ken Mead; Senior Vice President of Media, Outreach, and Communications, Tom Haines; Director of Regulatory Affairs, Justin Barkowski; and AOPA consultant and former Director of Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission, Jeff Hamiel for a discussion about AOPA’s ongoing inquiry into egregious FBO fees and what the recently issued FAA guidance means for airports and pilots.



March 22: 8 pm Eastern Time

BasicMed: What it means for you

With BasicMed set to go into effect May 1, you’ll need to be ready to take full advantage of the new regulations. Listen to AOPA staff Gary Crump, Director, Medical Certification Services, Jared Allen, Legal Services Plan Attorney, and Ferdi Mack, Senior Manager, Pilot Information Center discuss the details of BasicMed; who can fly under the rules, what qualifying pilots need to do, and which aircraft qualify.

Brought to you by AOPA Pilot Protection Services (PPS)

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March 28: 8 pm Eastern Time

AOPA Flight Planner Enhancements

This webinar will highlight the latest improvements and review the most popular features of the AOPA Flight Planner. We’ll be showcasing an all new Interactive Graphical Briefing powered by our integration with Leidos Flight Service. We’ll also demonstrate a beta version of the number one member requested feature: Intermediate Stops. This feature will allow pilots to plan long cross-country flights and insert intermediate stops along the way. Popular existing features will be covered as well: Weather Along Route, Fuel Warnings and EFB integrations. Eric Rush from the AOPA Flight Planning Products team will be your host and answer user-submitted questions after the presentation.

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May 10: 8 pm Eastern Time

Flying in Alaska

Spectacular mountains, breathtaking coastline – if you’ve never flown in Alaska, you are missing out! Much of the state is rugged and unpopulated and pilots will likely be flying in mountains and bush areas where ATC service is unavailable. The state has regulations on carrying survival equipment, and some unique rules as to what can be flown into villages and what cannot. Listen as Tom Haines, AOPA Senior Vice President, Media and Outreach and Tom George, AOPA Regional Manager, Alaska discuss the joys and challenges of flying in our northernmost state.

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May 17: 8 pm Eastern Time
Due to unforeseen circumstances, this webinar has been rescheduled for Tuesday, June 6.

Aircraft Ownership Series: Part 1

The first of a three-part series for aircraft owners, this segment will deal with co-owning an aircraft – including the legal and relational aspects of the arrangement. Join Ray Speciale, Attorney, CPA, CFII, and Ferdi Mack, CFII and Senior Manager, Pilot Information Center as they discuss the benefits and challenges of this type of aircraft ownership.

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June 7: 8 pm Eastern Time


The 2020 ADS-B compliance date is getting closer every day and pilots who have not yet equipped are deciding what is best for them. The variety of equipment choices and capabilities can be confusing. Listen to Mike Collins, AOPA Technical Editor, and Rune Duke, AOPA Director of Airspace and Air Traffic, discuss what capability is required, what might be a valuable addition, and what kinds of integrated systems are now available. Find out whether you can qualify for the FAA’s $500 ADS-B Out rebate and learn how to navigate the rebate process.

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July 12: 8 pm Eastern Time

Aircraft Ownership Series: Part 2

The second of a three-part series for aircraft owners, this segment focuses on LLCs. Is an LLC right for you? What are the pros and cons of aircraft ownership in an LLC? You may be surprised with what you learn! Join Ray Speciale, Attorney, CPA, CFII, and Ferdi Mack, CFII and Senior Manager, Pilot Information Center as they discuss the unique aspects of this type of aircraft ownership.

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August 9: 8 pm Eastern Time

Aircraft Ownership Series: Part 3
Leasing to an FBO

The last of a three-part series for aircraft owners, this segment focuses on leasing your aircraft to an FBO or flight school. Get a briefing on the legal and tax implications of aircraft leasing. Discover why it may be a great arrangement for some owners and not for others. Join Ray Speciale, Attorney, CPA, CFII and Ferdi Mack, Senior Manager, Pilot Information Center for an in-depth discussion of the topic.

Brought to you by AOPA Pilot Protection Services (PPS)

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