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Pinch Hitter

Companion Copilot

As a non-pilot who occasionally flies in light aircraft, you may have wondered what it would take to be more than a passenger and be involved with the flight and help your pilot—even becoming a pilot yourself. Good news! This spotlight will help you understand certain principles of flight and how to safely maneuver an airplane in flight.

When used in conjunction with flight lessons, this spotlight will also help you learn to land the airplane safely in the unlikely event of pilot incapacitation. In fact, many non-pilots who have learned about pinch-hitting and flying an airplane have gone on to become pilots themselves. So, let the fun journey begin!

You’ll review:

  • What makes an airplane fly
  • What flight controls you’ll use
  • Basic instrumentation and gauges
  • Fundamental radio communication
  • General navigation equipment
  • How to participate as an effective crewmember before and in-flight