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Fractional OwnershipFractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

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Fractional Ownership
By AOPA's Pilot Information Center

Fractionals are co-ownership arrangements with a master interchange agreement between multiple aircraft co-ownerships that are signing a multi-year aircraft management agreement (including pilot service) with the company who sold them the aircraft. Operational hours per year are limited by the management agreement.

Subpart K — Fractional Ownership Operations

This subpart prescribes rules, in addition to those prescribed in other subparts of this part, that apply to fractional owners and fractional ownership program managers governing
(1) The provision of program management services in a fractional ownership program;
(2) The operation of a fractional ownership program aircraft in a fractional ownership program; and
(3) The operation of a program aircraft included in a fractional ownership program managed by an affiliate of the manager of the program to which the owner belongs.

Pilot Briefing: It Pays to Share: Small 'Fracs' See Growth
By Nathan A. Ferguson
AOPA Pilot, December 2003

Companies that offer shares of owner-flown aircraft are proceeding in a cautiously optimistic fashion, but since we last reported on this segment of the industry (see " A Piece of the Action," November 2002 Pilot), each company we spoke with has grown, and others have entered the market.

Pilot Counsel: Fractional aircraft ownership, Part 3
By John S. Yodice
AOPA Pilot, December 2003

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued its final rules governing fractional ownership of aircraft. The federal aviation regulations contain a new subpart K to Part 91, which became effective just last month.

AOPA News Brief
FAA's New Fractional Ownership Rules Generating Questions

Oct. 7 — Pilots and aircraft owners have been contacting AOPA Aviation Services ever since the FAA issued its new fractional ownership rule (FAR Part 91, Subpart K) with questions about how much they'll be affected. The good news is not very much.

Regulatory Brief
Fractional Ownership Final Rule
The issue

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published its final rule establishing new regulations for Fractional Aircraft Ownership programs; the rule takes effect on November 17, 2003. A fractional ownership program is created by individuals and corporations that share ownership of aircraft that are scheduled and maintained by a management company, and furnished trained flight crews. According to the FAA, the number of fractional programs has increased in the last 16 years, and the agency felt the new regulations were needed to establish an "appropriate" regulatory environment for this type of ownership scenario.

Careers: A fractional future
The scoop on flying 'condojets'
By Wayne Phillips
AOPA Flight Training, November 2003

When considering all of the big-league airline and corporate employers of pilots, the "fractionals" continue to offer a glimmer of hope to those who expect to make a good living flying an airplane.

A Piece of the Action: Logging Time with Owner-Pilot Shared Partnerships
By Julie K. Boatman
AOPA Pilot, November 2002

Discusses the benefits of owner-pilot shared ownership programs.

AOPA Letter Regarding Fractional Aircraft Ownership Programs
November 16, 2001
REF: Docket No. FAA-2001-10047; Notice No. 01-08
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM); Regulation of Fractional Aircraft Ownership Programs and On-Demand Operations
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), representing the interests of over 375,000 pilots and aircraft owners, submits the following comments for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rulemaking contained in Docket No. FAA-2001-10047.

Pilot Counsel: Fractional Ownership, Part 2
By John S. Yodice
AOPA Pilot, October 2001

Continues the article on fractional ownership by discussing the FAA's concern about how to regulate fractional ownership programs.

Pilot Counsel: Fractional Ownership, Part 1
By John S. Yodice
AOPA Pilot, September 2001

Traces the regulatory background against which current fractional aircraft ownership programs developed and how they exist today.

Turbine Pilot: Fractional Flying
By Thomas A. Horne
AOPA Pilot, December 1999

Article talks about NetJets pilots and the benefits of working for a fractional ownership company.

Aircraft Ownership: A Star is Born
By Peter A. Bedell
AOPA Pilot, May 1999

Overview of a new company that puts a twist on conventional fractional ownership programs.

Fractional Flying: More Owners, More Jets, More Jobs
By Wayne Phillips
AOPA Flight Training, November 1998

Executive Jets' NetJets remains the largest "fractional ownership" plan by far with more than 800 share owners, 132 planes flying, and close to 200 on order.

Turbine Pilot: A Piece of the Action
By Thomas A. Horne
AOPA Pilot, September 1997

Article offers an overview of selected fractional ownership companies.

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