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Pilot Products: Sigtronics SPA-400N and -600N
By Julie K. Boatman
AOPA Pilot, May 2003

The company that pioneered the voice-activated intercom market in 1974 recently announced it had received FAA TSO (technical standard order) approval for its SPA-400N and -600N intercoms.

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All Dressed Up and Ready for Its New Owner
By Alton K. Marsh
AOPA Pilot, May 2003

The claim for the newest technology in the Waco goes to PS Engineering because the company developed its PM1200 intercom during the Waco's restoration at Rare Aircraft in Owatonna, Minnesota. Original plans were to donate a PMA4000 audio panel to the aircraft, but Rare Aircraft President Roy Redman told PS Engineering President Mark Scheuer that it didn't fit into the limited space available in the rear cockpit.

Pilot Products: Flightcom INOVA Intercom
By Julie K. Boatman
AOPA Flight Training, August 2001

Flightcom, maker of the Denali series of headsets, has introduced a portable stereo intercom. The 9.6-ounce unit comes in bright yellow or graphite blue, just like the headsets, and offers high-fidelity stereo sound for pilot and copilot. A cigarette lighter, stereo patch cord, copilot transmit cable, and push-to-talk switch are also included with the intercom, which can also be operated on a single nine-volt battery.

Pilot Products: PS Engineering PCD 7100
Julie K. Boatman
AOPA Pilot, March 2001

In a panel first, PS Engineering has introduced the PCD 7100, a six-place stereo intercom that incorporates the company's exclusive automatic intercom protocol, IntelliVox, with a high-quality compact disc player. After years of trying to recommend the best CD players for aircraft, a species limited by quality and FAA approval, PS Engineering decided to offer its own, integrated into its "finest intercom." The results are quite good.

Pilot Products: Flight Tech's ITC-401-ENRI
By Julie Boatman
AOPA Pilot, November 2000

Briefly Noted: Flight Tech introduces its latest portable intercom, the ITC-401-ENRI. The unit is a basic two-place intercom designed for use by pilots who don't need extra audio/music inputs and want a straightforward intercom.

Pilot Products: PS Engineering Aerocom III
Peter A. Bedell
AOPA Pilot, August 1999

PS Engineering has taken the most desirable features of its high-end panel-mount systems and incorporated them into an affordable and portable package. This small Tennessee company, which pioneered the integration of audio panel/intercom systems for light airplanes, recently introduced the Aerocom III, a two-place portable intercom. With the Aerocom III, you'll get PS Engineering's IntelliVox voice-activated squelch system, stereo sound, a music input, automatic muting, and pilot isolation, which disconnects the pilot from the intercom circuit.

Pilot Products: PS Engineering PMA7000
By Marc E. Cook
AOPA Pilot, January 1999

As intercom technology has advanced, pilots have become accustomed to using the squelch, or voice-activated switch (VOX) control, less and less frequently. The better designed the intercom, the less often the pilot has to change its settings to accommodate a different number of passengers or varying cabin noise levels.

Headset Roundup: Earily Quiet
AOPA Pilot editors test the latest in headsets
AOPA Pilot, December 1998

While the efforts taken to quiet the cabins of light general aviation airplanes have not progressed far in the last few decades, the leaps made in headset and intercom technology in just the past five years have been huge.

Black Box Basics: Panel-Mount Pickin's
Getting up close and personal with intercoms
By Peter A Bedell
AOPA Pilot, August 1995

Of all the innovations that have come to aviation in the past 20 years, it would be tough to point a finger at one all-important, yet taken-for-granted breakthrough. Standby vacuum systems, loran, and GPS are a few that ring a bell, plus one less obvious possibility - the intercom.

Pilot Products: Aerocom Jr. Intercom
By Marc E. Cook
AOPA Pilot, February 1995

At the low end of the portable-intercom spectrum, it is reasonable to expect less. Fewer features, weaker amplifiers, and low-grade fit and finish often denote an intercom whose maker has had to cut corners to cut costs.

Pilot Products: PS Engineering PMA 6000
By Marc E. Cook
AOPA Pilot, August 1995

It starts with the guts of PS Engineering's PM1000II mono intercom, itself consisting of six intercom stations, individual microphone circuits, dual entertainment inputs, and pilot-isolate features.

Pilot Products: Training Tools
By Scott M. Spangler
AOPA Flight Training, August 1994

Intercoms these days do more than just provide better communications between a student and his or her instructor (or a pilot and his or her passengers). They are a way to record a flight lesson for later review and a way to provide listening pleasure during flight. All of these options are readily available with the Aviation Communications (AVCOMM) AC-4X intercom.

Structures: Cockpit Communication
By Robert N. Rossier
AOPA Flight Training, July 1994

They say that the cockpit is a terrible classroom. Part of the reason this is true is the fact that the learning process requires communication between student and instructor. My first flying lessons were sometimes frustrating, and my instructor sometimes yelled at me. Part of the reason was that I probably wasn't doing a particularly good job. But a contributing factor was that it was difficult to hear myself think, let alone hear what the person next to me was saying, in the din of the reverberating little cockpit, the engine screaming as the propeller slashed the air into submission.

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